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Gimbal Alternative

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1 Gimbal Alternative on Fri Aug 26, 2016 8:39 pm

I've been messing around with several vibration dampener systems and the usual factory one sent with the X380 is poor to use even on a GitUp Git1 camera.
I have a RunCam HD and I never used it with this mount since it's made for the GoPro camera. I've tried several different carbon fiber dampeners that use
the rubber dampening balls with no success even with the props balanced. I did find a fella named Paul that posted a modified mount on YouTube that seems
to work, check it out:

I didn't have the RC fuel line hose and automobile vacuum hose was too stiff so I tried aquarium hose but it was too flimsy and didn't hold it's shape.
I had some old 300 ohm TV twin-lead laying around and gave that a try. This looked promising and maybe a few lengths of surgical hose might be better?
There are several camera mounts being advertised on Ebay that use stranded cable which should work but the prices are way out of line. The 300 ohm
twin-lead is real cheap and can be adjusted for different angles and dampening. As far as the etched board that Paul used, you don't need to etch the
board. I used one board drilled for the base of the X380 and it was a single-sided foil board and the board that hold the RunCam HD camera happens to
be a double-sided foil board that I had laying around. The copper probably needs to be etched off of it to reduce weight but any kind of light strong material
could be used, even wood. The twin-lead was quick and easy since all that was needed was small screws and nuts to mount the twin-lead lengths. The
cheap version of the stuff which is not foam filled but the regular flat kind is the stuff to use. I started with about 3 inch lengths on the front and the back
I shortened the lengths to about a inch shorter to angle the camera at a downward angle. Mounting the boards closer to the front will keep the legs and
feet of the X380 out of the video and pictures.

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