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Cheap Ebay Gimbal

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1 Cheap Ebay Gimbal on Wed Oct 26, 2016 8:54 pm

Several months ago I ordered on of those cheap $40.00 gimbals off of Ebay and wish I hadn't! I had problems from the start with initialization of the gimbal and the software
did not work that was recommended for it. After messing with it for a few hours I found out why it wasn't working, the sensor black ground lead hadn't been properly crimped
down on the connector on the socket. Needless to say, the intermittent connection that it was making because of movement damaged the controller. I set it aside and a few
weeks later got tired of looking at it sitting around and ordered a new control board for it. I mounted the gimbal and made just a few flights with the quad and on the last flight
with the quad, the motors shutdown on he RTH when it was about 300 meters away over a field. The video shows that the motors just shutdown leading to the crash which
bent up the gimbal and put a crack in the top shell. I removed the gimbal and put the X380-A gimbal/camera back on the quad after checking the quad for further damage.
I flew it out over 800 meters on one flight FPV and had it out about 5 times but one the last flight the quad was working real good on RTH and in the process of landing,
the quad landed and then took off without any of the Tx. controls touched. The quad went up about 15 meters and hovered and I had no control of it and then it shutdown
and did the same thing it did with the old gimbal attached. This time it cracked the top shell real bad and didn't damage the legs, gimbal/camera, props or motors. I could
start the quad motors and it acted like the GPS was functioning but I wasn't going to trust it and pulled it apart for damage inspection. The GPS indicator socket was broken
loose and when I went ahead to inspect the GPS module, it had a big dent in it where it hit the motherboard. That more or less trashed the GPS module but the red and blue
LEDs are working along with the receiver. Would I trust it to fly it after this damage with a new GPS module, I might but it will probably be set aside for parts since a new
replacement would be the way to go. The old quad has flown at least a hundred times and has been out 1.6 Km with no problems and it's been a good quad!

Lesson learned, stay away from those aftermarket gimbals because many of them are knock-offs out of China. I would stay with the factory gimbals and the worse thing
about the gimbals is, they add weight to the quad so if you crash expect serious damage. The X380-A and X380-B are lighter but if you crash one be sure to check that
GPS module for damage and any other damage.

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