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Yi 3-d gimbal issues

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1 Yi 3-d gimbal issues on Sun Jan 24, 2016 1:14 am

Got the Yi 3-d gimbal and have some issues. Perhaps someone here can get me some hints.
After initiation and calibration the gimbal very slowly yaws clock wise to about 20 degrees, it can take minutes. Tried different adjustments in the SimpleBGC software but no improvements. I set up a test rig to be able to adjust tilt and so on before installing it to the X380. The gimbal came with 12V connector, signal wires for yaw, tilt and roll and a mode wire. No way to get tilt, yaw or roll working through the signal wires.

Did some short test flights and the video quality is excelent. With the issues I have it is not workable for a longer period of time however because of the yaw issue.
The quad gets to the weight limit with this gimbal installed.

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