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Gimbal attachment with Velcro

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1 Gimbal attachment with Velcro on Sat Dec 19, 2015 3:00 am

Improving video quality
Since I used my XK primarily for a work projet I have accumulated quite a few hours of video clips but off an on I get some vibration or type of shiffering specially when videos were taken in stronger winds with turbulence.
Machined longer mounting rail for my Walkera G2d gimbal to move camara more to the front to get legs out of the picture which did not really help the vibration issue.
Removed now the rail and replaced it with a 2" wide heavy duty sticky velcro from Home Depot over the whole flat bottom part of the quad and the other side over the whole gimbal base plate. Like this I can place the gimbal where most convinient and still get lots of attachment surface. Did a number of flights in moderate wind conditions and videos I took where the best so far with no noticable vibration even doing high speed movements with sudden direction changes.
Will do some more testing over the weekend but it allready looks promising.
Perhaps something to consider

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