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x380-A camera model

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1 x380-A camera model on Mon Mar 07, 2016 1:39 am

Howdy Folk's! New to the site and like what I see!

Now the questions which may have been answered elsewhere here, but didn't find them...

I'm planning on getting an x380 but am having difficulties finding info on the A model? I have been reading thousands of comments, yes I wrote that right, on the x380 and have not found anything other than the generic descriptions for the model A.

Who here has the A model? How do you like the camera? Jell-O? Does it have video out? Gyro is mentioned but no pictures showing it. They don't even show the mount from what I have found? I might have to download a manual to see?

I find it odd that many people are going for the base version then spending $$$ for gimbal's, camera's and also, 3 d gimbal's when the xk x380 only has the option for up/down of any camera? Am I wrong about this?

My next question is about the FAP function. Without it (not updated fw), you press the wheel to take a picture, so if this press now with new fw controls FAP, does it still function to take pictures?

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2 Re: x380-A camera model on Mon Mar 07, 2016 1:09 pm


Hi and welcome
I went for the base model my choice was down to price it worked out cheaper to buy the base model a cheap gimbal and a actual sjcam sj4000 when going this route it did leave legs in the video but it was found you can just turn the gimbal drop arm round and it moves cam forward enough to remove legs in shot
There are now better cameras and also 3 axis gimbal's that some are fitting

With FAP we had to wait months to get this a unofficial firmware was given out to someone on rcgroups towards end of last year and a official a while later and by now almost all sold should have FAP already installed

How the photo button worked i am not sure but think it was only a pre FAP thing others should no more

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3 Re: x380-A camera model on Mon Mar 07, 2016 5:52 pm

Thank you.
Yeah, I have been reading the rcgroups forum and only to page 250! I can't believe it took 200+ pages to finally see where they decided to put an on/off switch in? That's one thing needed in the very beginning unless you are worried about using a non-honored warranty.

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4 Re: x380-A camera model on Mon Mar 07, 2016 10:15 pm

The easiest to get set up would be the one that has the new 2 axis gimbal and sj4000 clone camera.
I wouldnt bother with the FPV version that has the fixed mount, your money would be better spent on one of the others.
The base model is usually best value and always seems to be on offer with good discount from the chinese vendors.
You can get a gimbal separately thats works well for less than $50 and a comparable action cam is less than $50 as well now that the 4K cams are more available.

Its a long, long thread on RCG. All the present info needed is there its just finding it.

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