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XK Detect Model X380-A (1-Axis Camera)

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1 XK Detect Model X380-A (1-Axis Camera) on Thu May 18, 2017 9:10 pm

I bought the standard X380 with no camera and have tried several different cameras on it for FPV flying. I bought the camera that is used on the X380-A which is a single
axis camera and wanted to figure out how to use it as a FPV camera on the quad. I took the camera apart and discovered that it was a Mobius camera and also found
out that the USB cable on the camera was not wired like the GoPro, RunCam HD or the Git1 camera. I found a cable that would interface to it on Ebay and the cable will
work on this camera for FPV flying. All you need is a 5.8 ghz transmitter, antenna, JST cable and some electronic experience to get it to work. The OSD in a set of
goggles or a monitor/receiver works great. This camera gives you a pan up and down using the right camera button/wheel on the controller. The only problem with the
X380-A camera is that it is not as stable a platform as the high-end gimbal and is actually more expensive! I purchased mine separately and it is the same price now as
the better factory gimbal. The one advantage it has over the better gimbal is that it can survive a crash. You are better off staying with the factory gimbals.

Hope this helps.  Smile

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