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1 just joined on Sun Nov 15, 2015 1:18 pm

I'm still feeling my way around but glad an individual on youtube gave this link. I live in Mich. on a small horse farm. The rc plane flying time is past but I can grab a quad and step out my door when ever the wind is light enough. I got my first gps drone about a week ago. I must say, the x380 c was impressive. The lack of instructions was very apparent for a person that has never flown this type of quad, with a go-pro type camera. I still have questions about the camera. the problem is I got a 6 min flight, most of which was spent checking the features of the craft, and it quit responding to the transmitter. I flipped the switch to put it in head lock to try to regain control. It proceeded to wobble violently and crash, busting off the sensor on the the leg, ended up on it's props, motors screaming because the props were stuck. One of the motors was fried, and before I could get the battery out to stop it, I trimmed the skin off one of my knuckles. I'm in the process of getting a replacement as I am convinced that most of the x380's don't do that. I will report back when I acquire a new one.

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