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Remote tilt for Walkera G2d Gimbal

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1 Remote tilt for Walkera G2d Gimbal on Tue Dec 15, 2015 3:16 am

Did it again today. Played around with the remote gimbal tilt as I read in the UK forum to bring tilt and roll in the flight controller software to cero.
Connected 12V and signal to the XK (something I was never doing I thought) switched to 1 position on the gimbal controller and powered up. Gimbal went to the down end position but I could bring it in level position with the control wheel. Plugged power off and on a few a few times but same behavier.
Took the quad outside, calibrated and flew it through the paces close by. When I had it in PAN mode for a few turns already I saw the gimbal starting to shake for a few seconds and after this the quad for the first time after over 100 flights started to wander off still circling. Got out of PAN mode and hand steered the XK back but as soon as I let the sticks go it was flying off at medium speed to 10 o'clock.
Landed, powered off, took 12V cable off and connected the gimbal directly to the battery balance cable but leaving the signal cable in place and went back to fly it again without recalibrating. Went through all the paces tilting the gimbal up and down a number of times no problem what so ever. Landed and plugged and unplugged a few times and gimbal came always up to center position. For reference, one full turn of the wheel is about 80 degrees of tilt and after a number of up and down movements the marks on the wheel where more or less always back at the same position.
It seems that this configuration with the Walkera G2d and the XK could be working in a safe manner. I definitely would connect the signal wire only if I would intend to use this function which is usually not with every flight, why take the risk. I have tenth of hours with the gimbal directly connected to the battery without expiriencing a single problem but no signal wire. Just in case make sure to shield the 12V cable.

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2 Balance Cable connector on Mon Mar 07, 2016 4:06 pm

Do you have any photo's of the balance cable connector that you use?  Is it a JST male to JST-XH 3S



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3 Re: Remote tilt for Walkera G2d Gimbal on Sun Mar 13, 2016 7:58 pm

You've used the g2d for a while... Someone was saying you can't use basecam software on it. Have you tried any of the basecam software on yours?
Just wanted to know if they use a basecam board on their gimbals.

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