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Opening up to do mods etc

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1 Opening up to do mods etc on Fri Oct 30, 2015 9:46 am


On the table ready to start elastic band round legs and over battery compartment just to make sure it don't come open will Velcro battery in the near future

I started by removing the legs 2 allen screws in each gently lift end closest to centre and then it will slide and lift also towards the centre if you have it eyes towards you front left leg will have a sensor front will have a cable to be disconnected rear left is empty and rear right also has a sensor

Legs off showing sensors and cable

Now the screews
3 on the end of each arm

1 on each arm between LED covers and where the legs were legs on would make near on impossible to remove these ones

3 on each side of the belly

double check you took out all the screws
Gently using finger nails etc pop open the casing i went round the arms first and it just pops open with no force
slowly left top and you can get to the gps cable gently lift out of its socket DONT pull the wires there is a small lip each end you can use to lift until it comes out

The brains

Turn top over and now you can see the copper shield


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