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HELP ! I think I have blown my Quad ?

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1 HELP ! I think I have blown my Quad ? on Thu May 19, 2016 11:59 pm

Hi guys, been trying to get a cheap 2 axis gimbal to work on my x380.
Unfortunately what I thought was the signal pin on the gimbal turns out to have had 5 volts on it. So I put 5 volts into the 380s signal pin.

Now the quad will not boot up when I connect the battery. Instead of the rear light blinking green, only the arm leds flash and it beeps.

Not sure it I have fried the RX in the quad or the MAIN board ???
Any ideas?
A new RX is pretty cheap but a new main board will cost me £86. Half the price of the quad.

Oh and the PC sees nothing when I connect the USB cable.

So what have I fried and how do I fix it?

Gary ...

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