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Xk380 factory gimbal tilt

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1 Xk380 factory gimbal tilt on Tue Mar 22, 2016 6:06 pm

I've noticed mine droops (pardon the expression Laughing  ) I can live with it as I'm still going through a learning curve, saw this posted on a quad-copter site,just wondered if anyone's seen this or tried it  ? scratch

Seems dodgy plugging anything in while it's powered up if I've read the comments of fried boards right ?

copied and pasted,it was posted a month since....

" I've been having trouble with the xk380 factory gimbal tilting when I yawed the copter, I had set the vertical and horizontal gimbal settings but still behaving strangely, So after I got a GPS fix and calibrated the compass I tried again ? No joy so out of desperation I unplugged it, I unplugged the signal wire from the quad turned on TX then the xk and the camera set itself in vertical and horizontal perfectly, So I carefully plugged in the signal wire with the power on and that fixed the gimbal problem, although this worked please do a your own risk has ive heard many sob story’s about this xk380 " .

what do you reckon  ?? study study

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