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Interesting safe flight 3

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1 Interesting safe flight 3 on Sat Mar 19, 2016 3:01 pm

nice flight today,
             18 mins,still green lights when I landed,gimbal didn't appear to drop after resetting it with the button,was quite breezy,with an icy wind ,I used a manual take off,lifted a bit and it settled into a steady hover.
I was advised that the slight toilet bowling i got on the 1st 2 flights were due to using auto,seemed spot on today,got blew around but settled straight back.

now the bummer

which clown jocolor didn't press the record button on camera:lol!: ,it has to be a quick sharp press but when you have the shakes I held it too long and changed a mode by the looks,got it on charge now so will be back out later hahaha

                                           ooooo I could smack myself

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