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Anyone know how to calibrate the stock gimbal ?

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As above is it even possible ? mine seems to playing up, drooping a bit and juddering.

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Well it seems hard to get an answer anywhere to this question but as usual "read the flippin manual"

Some broken English instructions are included.

power up the quad
let the gimbal do self tests
press the small button on the side, once, motors disengage, quickly level the gimbal horizontally....motors re-engage
press the small button twice, motors disengage again, angle the camera as you wish for picture taking...motors re-engage

well thats what its says.....

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Use the BGC 2.2 software and you will also get a lot more options you can play with.
The software makes things a bit more accurate as you can line up the sensors to the level position before hitting the calibrate button(this is supposed to help stop it drifting over time)
It says that when calibrating, the further the sensors are away from their level lined up state, the more it starts to drift over time.

Here is the link...You want the 2.2b version

Obviously you will need to connect to the computer using the gimbal usb.
Then select the 'comm port' and press 'connect or open'
Then you need to 'read' your settings so it copies them to the software before making adjustments and when finished 'write' back to the gimbal(much the same as with the 380 software)

There is a manual as well with that can be looked at and is very long winded....but basically the  blue arrows on all the dials wants to be lined up with the blue marker at the bottom, and it reading 0.0 when you hit the cal button.

After the cal is done you can click that button on the board once at set the angle you want it at.

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Lol just noticed now my photo wheel is upside down !, arrow up camera goes down and vica versa SOF

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Anyone else got the stock gimbal ( c version) ?? looking for someone to make me a copy of their settings file in Simple BGC so i can write it to mine see if somethings corrupt

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