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X550 Prodject

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1 X550 Prodject on Thu Feb 25, 2016 9:50 pm

I canceled my order for the x500 this week as I had waited 6 weeks for new stock to arrive, and now it has, the price has gone up.

So I started looking around and decided to build my own, using separate modules and see what it costs when I get to the end.
The X500 costs £300 now, that's if they are still offering reduced shipping for it.

First job is find something to put everything in.
I wanted a 500mm quad originally, something that would be more stable in 15 mph breeze that we get in UK and with a view to mounting a larger cam+gimbal setup.

This is what I got.

Its from X-Cam called the KongCopter AQ550 and looks remarkably similar to the AirCam X500  with improved looks.
Cost including shipping = £70

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