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Tarot TL300L OSD with X380 Stock GPS

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1 Tarot TL300L OSD with X380 Stock GPS on Wed Jan 13, 2016 2:36 am

To enhance your FPV with telemetry data on X380 can be achieved with installing Tarot TL300L OSD module which come with its own GPS module but to have more "what you see is what your X380 feel" you can use X380 stock GPS to work in conjuction with Tarot TL300L module.
To do that, a Korean guy known as Dalma has found a way on how to do it, I rewrote his guide which were scattered on his blog, several post on rcgroups forum amd many more, so here you can find the guide that I hope will be easier for you to follow:

But please do it AT YOUR OWN RISK

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