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Adusting speed and low battery warning.

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1 Adusting speed and low battery warning. on Sun Jan 10, 2016 4:50 pm

I have been landing as soon as I see the double red warning on the LED and finding that when I get back to charge batteries, they still have 11.4-11.6v remaining in them.
Lithium Batteries can be discharged to 3.2v(per cell)...On an S3 that means discharging to 9.6v...Going below this will ultimately damage the battery to some degree depending on how far you drain it below this level.
Stopping anywhere above this threshold is fine.
It seemed to me that landing on the 1st warning means your flight ends prematurely.
The problem is that when the battery level reaches the 2nd stage warning, the quad will auto-land wherever it is at the time.(not an ideal situation)

So we end up seeing the 1st warning, and not wanting it to auto-land anywhere we bring it in.(much wasted flying time)

So, for me, I thought an adjustment was needed.
I took the 1st warning level down to 10.75v and the 2nd stage auto-land i set at 10.25v. Flew today in very windy conditions with all the kite flyers that came out to take advantage. pale
I flew as normal, spending the 1st 10mins at high level before coming down to a height where I could monitor the state of the battery.
10 minutes later the 1st warning triggered.(i was beginning to think the worst)
5 mins after that the 2nd stage auto-land triggered, and it landed instantly from about 10 feet up.
Total flight, fully loaded with heavy BGC gimbal and action cam was 23.46
That a massive improvement on what i was getting.
Got home and the battery still had 10.6v left in it....So it had recovered a bit after the current load had ceased.
This means that the 380 takes into account the load being placed on the battery.

I am now setting the auto-land to its minimum value 10v...Auto-land kicked in so fast I think it will give the quad at least 3-4mins decent time, to land from whatever altitude you are at(within reason) before the battery hits the 9.6v low limit.
Ill bring the 1st warning down by the same amount to 10.5v as a 5 minute warning is plenty for me.

I also tested an increase in horizontal speed...up to 8m/s
and increased vertical speed to 4.5m/s
Had no issue with handling at all even in the strong winds today.

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2 Re: Adusting speed and low battery warning. on Sun Jan 10, 2016 6:17 pm


Some good results then

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3 Re: Adusting speed and low battery warning. on Sun Jan 10, 2016 8:54 pm

Yes Don, my longest flight so far. Previously 15min when I hadn't noticed the LED warning.
Other flights were around 12min which I had put down to all the extra weight.
Now if I see the warning I know too keep it close, and if I miss the warning, not to panic as auto land will kick in and bring it down safely. (hopefully not too far short of me).

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4 Re: Adusting speed and low battery warning. on Wed Jan 20, 2016 5:01 pm

You will have to let everybody know how you did that stage by stage,I will be interested at a later date my main concern is getting the first flight over with, at the moment it is to cold,my bones cant take it, it shows my age.

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5 Re: Adusting speed and low battery warning. on Wed Jan 20, 2016 8:26 pm

Here are some sceenshots of my settings and some of my observations using the Flight config software.
Plug USB into quad....TX needs to be turned on...Then quad needs power as well.... Lastly, Plug USB into computer.

This is the opening screen once you start the software.
Change to English from the button circled in red at top right.

Now you can understand it 'Open USB', then before you forget press the READ button.
This will now transfer your settings into the software for you to view.
This 1st page displays the real time data that the quad and TX are reading at the time. Can be used in diagnosing.

The 2nd page. Basic Config...
You souldnt need to change the Aircraft section in purple, this selects the type of mutirotor you have and QUAD X is the 380's configuration.
Below is the signal type used for control. This MUST be PPM(if you forget to READ at the start it will say PWM and if written back it will not read the controller)
Top right in orange,are those battery protection warnings that I have changed. The 1st will signal the red LED warning, the 2nd will trigger Autoland.
Below in green you can choose how it behaves if it losses signal from the TX. I have changed to RTH(nose in) so it returns in forward orientation and not in reverse.
Finally in blue is the minimum height during RTH(to avoid those trees etc)

Finally Advanced config....
I would leave the Flight Gain and the Gimbal Gain 'in pink' as it is, or you could end up with unexpected results.
The Velocity section in green seems to be OK to make some adjustments...You can increase speed in both directions, but be aware that the faster you go the more it has to 'pitch' to achieve the speed increase(thus lossing some stability). Also you may find increasing the vertical speed to much, may get you caught in something called 'VRS' vortex ring state. Where descending into the turbulent air directly beneath the rotors causes a loss of lift and can be tricky to get out of before hitting the ground.
In red it looks like there are some buttons for resetting to factory state and sensor checking, but I have not tried these out, but could be useful if all else fails in getting you back in the air.

Anyway this is my current setup that seems to be flying well, for longer and I have had no stability issues with it.

When done with your alterations press WRITE and it will save the settings to the quad.
Then CLOSE USB and unplug....The quad will stop beeping and shortly return to the 'double flash' or green/red.
Thats it done.

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6 Re: Adusting speed and low battery warning. on Wed Jan 20, 2016 8:53 pm


Them battery levels are low Shocked lol

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7 Re: Adusting speed and low battery warning. on Wed Jan 20, 2016 9:29 pm

Yes It seems low but mine will autoland safely from 30m which is around the height I stay below once the 1st warning is seen. I have been testing the batteries once home and they read above 10v when placed on the charger...Closer to 10.5v so that's still a good margin that shouldn't be over taxing the battery.

I would also say you should test any adjustments made in as safe a way as you can.
eg. After lowering the battery warnings, Hover at 10 feet when you see the 1st warning, and let autoland do its thing. Once you check the voltage left in the battery, you should get a better idea of a maximum height it will land from, bearing in mind that 9.6v is a DEAD battery.

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8 Re: Adusting speed and low battery warning. on Thu Jan 21, 2016 10:35 am


I am still learning this new battery stuff lol
I an looking at buying a b6 charger might teach me a bit nore

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9 Re: Adusting speed and low battery warning. on Thu Jan 21, 2016 8:17 pm

I use a B6, there are better out there, but its a decent inexpensive charger with enough options for most tasks.
setting up and navigating the programs takes a bit of working out(typically complecated menu sysytem).

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10 Re: Adusting speed and low battery warning. on Fri Jan 22, 2016 1:33 pm

I find this a bit over my head, but well done you,what I am going to do is print a copy of these charts then it will be a lot easier to follow I hope,its a good job you know what you are doing it helps us people that have not got the grey matter we require,cheers bryon swindon.

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